Family Diversity
It's How  We Live


According to reports from the Census Bureau, a majority of all households in the nation are now headed by unmarried adults.  There are now more one-person households (28.7 million) than there are households containing married couples with minor children (24.1 million).  Family diversity has become the norm.

Of the 89 million unmarried adults in the United States, about 30 million live alone, while some 65 million live with someone else.  More than 2 million single dads are raising children, as are more than 8 million single mothers.  More than 10 million unmarried adults are living with a domestic partner while another 2 million live with a roommate.  The other 37 million unmarried and single Americans live with adult blood relatives -- either parents, children, siblings, or extended family members.

We have created this section of the website of Unmarried America to acknowledge the reality of family and household diversity, to celebrate our various living arrangements, and to call upon elected representatives and corporate executives to adopt and implement more inclusive definitions of "family" in public policies and business practices. 


Unmarried households are now a majority
Domestic partner households
Solo single households
Family diversity is now the norm



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