The Archives of Unmarried America

Financial Issues
     -- The $ingle Dollar: $1.6 trillion strong
     -- Business Week: the high cost of not marrying
     -- Single women boosting global economy
     -- High cost of being single in America
     -- Being single has financial advantages, disadvantages

     -- Long Beach has cheapest health insurance for young singles
     -- California health insurers mandated to offer domestic partner coverage
     -- Insurers pushed to consider unmarried couples
     -- Savings for domestic partners on auto insurance
     -- Gay marriage raises insurance questions for employers
     -- Travel insurance available for domestic partners
     -- Long term care insurance available to domestic partners
     -- Family travel insurance extended to unmarried households

     -- California program imposes single surcharge on young men
     -- Singles being cheated by insurers
     -- Insurance commissioners should review marital status pricing

     -- Single women drive housing purchase trends
     -- Single home buyers get creative in tight market
     -- More unmarried couples are buying homes
     -- Remember the perks of being a single renter
     -- Alaska Supreme Court backs unmarried renters

     -- What single women want in a home
     -- Friends in deed: single friends buying houses together
     -- Single homebuyers should consider the pros and cons
     -- Single moms going online to double up as housemates

     -- Single women banding together for retirement living
     -- The rising minority: single female home buyers
     -- VA housing officials end "family rule" on home loans
     -- Single and overtaxed, buy a home
     -- Boulder grapples with zoning law's definition of "family"
     -- Long term roommates should have clear agreements
     -- Florida developer focuses on shared housing for seniors
     -- Housing bias is a persistent problem

   Financial Planning
     -- Financial Planning for Unmarried and Single Americans:
        Adjusting 20th Century Rules to 21st Century Living
     -- 10 financial tips for single people
        St. Petersburg Times, March 2, 2003
     -- When you are on your own: financial planning for single people
        Times Reporter, March 28, 2004
     -- Looking out for numero uno: financial planning for singles
        Los Angeles Daily News, March 14, 2004
     -- Making the single life richer: financial planning for the unmarried
        May 10, 2004, CNN Money
     -- Singles should think about money matters
        Times Picayune, November 21, 2004
     -- Planning ahead: a sensible way to face your own mortality
        Alameda Times Star, March 28, 2004
     -- Baby boomers: single women facing retirement jitters
        New York Times, April 13, 2004
     -- Medicaid planning for the single person
        Boston Herald, October 21, 2004
     -- Social security a bad deal for minorities, single women
        Rocky Mountain News, April 10, 2004
     -- Ever-single workers may gain from social security reform
        North County Times, November 13, 2004
     -- Lower federal death tax can trigger more state taxes on the unmarried, October 31, 2003
     -- Unmarried Couples need plans for financial future

        Journal Times, November 12, 2004
     -- Find the will to make a will, especially if you are single

     -- Financial planning is crucial for single people

     -- Ironing out financial matters for an impending divorce
     -- Divorcing couples should consult mediator in dividing assets
     -- Let a divorce planner guide you through your financial concerns

     -- Unattached singles find solo travel has advantages
     -- Largest British tour agency drops "singles supplement"
     -- You can travel safely and enjoyably alone

     -- When singles want to get off the beaten path
     -- Norwegian voyage drops singles supplement
     -- Single women say traveling solo is liberating