The Archives of Unmarried America


Marital Status Demographics

      Census reports
         1998: Indicators of Well Being
         1998: Shortfalls in Well Being
         1996-1999: Marital Status and Health Insurance
         2001: Marital Status and Earnings (Per Gender)
         2002: Poverty Rates per Family Type
         2003: Unmarried Majority Congressional Districts
         1990-2009: Unmarried Households (released 9-28-10)
         2000-2003: Median age of first marriages per state (released 10-13-05)
         2000-2003: Married and unmarried couples per state (released 10-13-05)

      Household trends
          Family Diversity: 1970-2000
          Married Couples: 1950-2000
          Solo Singles: 1960-2000

       Population Trends
            Unmarried Adults: 1970-2000
            Currently Divorced: 1970-2000

            Marital Status of Women 65+: 1980-1999
            Children Living with Single Parents: 1960-2000
            Children Living with Grandparents: 1970-2000
            Stepchildren Living with Unmarried Parents
            Rising Age of First Marriages: 1950-2000
            Household Types: Comparison of 1990 and 2000

      2000 Census
         Unmarried Majority Cities
         Household Profiles Per State: 1990-2000
         Unmarried Partner Households (per state)
         Special Report: Unmarried Partner Households

      Department of Justice
         2001: Crime Victims and Marital Status

      Bureau of Labor Statistics
         1995-2000:  Marital Status and the Use of Family & Medical Leave
         2001: Marital Status and Earnings
         2001: Marital Status and Volunteer Services
         2002:  Marital Status and Minimum Wage Earners
         2002:  Marital Status and Lump Sum Pension Payments

           2003: Consumer Expenditure Report
           2005: Spending by Singles

      National Center for Health Statistics
         2003: Health Insurance Coverage

           2004: Health Insurance Coverage
           2003: Percent of Births to Unmarried Mothers

       Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
         2002: Cohabitation, Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage



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