The Archives of Unmarried America


  Solo Singles
     -- To be or not to be single
     -- The irritating question: when are you going to get married
     -- Survey says solo traveling becoming more popular
     -- Happy singleversary
     -- Eating for one
     -- Solo household can still be a home

     -- Marriage vs. singlehood
     -- Single, yes - lonely, no
     -- Solo singles enjoy the holidays too
     -- Korean singles fight back through Internet humor
     -- Being alone is not the same as loneliness
     -- Singles can thrive in a small town
     -- Is singleness a sin?
     -- Single and uninsured: a medical emergency
     -- That solo diner isn't a loser, he simply likes to dine alone
     -- Parity for the pairing impaired
     -- Have good sex, or else
     -- A single person's manifesto, or the power of one
     -- Twice an offender
     -- Being credentialled
     -- Buying solo: the single woman's guide to buying a home
     -- The single stigma
     -- Dinner for one
     -- Cooking for one, VIP style

     -- Cooking for one, without waste or tv dinners
     -- Cooking for one can create challenges in kitchen
     -- Solo suppers: recipes for singles
     -- Going solo and enjoying it
     -- Dining alone can be a satisfying experience
     -- Single chef writes cookbook for solo diners
     -- Tired of takeout -- try cooking for one
     -- Single and good cooking: bachelors in the kitchen
     -- Unattached, thank you, and loving it

  Domestic Partners
 -- Registries, workplace benefits, legal rights of partners
     -- Book: unmarried couples need to talk about money
New York State gives surviving partners end of life decision making powers
Surprise: taxes due for domestic partner health benefits
     -- 2003 PridePlanners conference looks at financial planning for unmarried couples
     -- Governor signs domestic partner law in Maine
     -- Many straight couples opt for domestic partnership

  Family Diversity

     -- Biblical examples of family diversity are astounding
     -- Pivotal role of marriage is an illusion in American family life
     -- Only some families qualify under family leave act
Ads depicting families' diversity more realistically
     -- Room for more
     -- Stable family resolution pulled back
     -- Family redefined
     -- Looking beyond gay marriage to respect for family diversity
     -- Non-traditional families more common
     -- Definition of "family" is up for debate
     -- Single parents, unmarried couples give new definitions to "family"
     -- For singles, good friends can become a "family"
     -- YMCA: Gay families aren't families -- but give us your business
Today's family structures make estate planning more complicated
     -- Good friends can become a family
     -- Unmarried people creating families by adopting

  Military Singles
     -- Single soldier discrimination
     -- Let's end discrimination against singles in the military