The Archives of Unmarried America

Political Issues
-- New Republic: single people are the next frontier in equal rights
          -- Single women turned off by politics
          -- Memo to candidates: let's talk taxes
          -- 2001: singles break the silence on Capitol Hill
          -- May 2001: AASP makes history
          -- The Singles Lobby

          -- Unmarried America calls on singles to stand up and be heard
          -- Taking Unmarried America's message to the Hill
          -- Governors and mayors issue "singles week" proclamations
          -- Single women breaking through glass ceiling into Governor's club
          -- 2003: E-vote focuses on singles visit to Capitol Hill
    Federal issues
--  Federal issues affecting Unmarried America
          --  Bill would end taxation of workplace benefits for unmarried beneficiaries
          --  President Bush signs DC domestic partner benefits bill

    Voting trends
 -- Campaigns consider singles in 2004 race
          -- Presidential candidates pitiful pitch for single women
          -- Unmarried women voted but still feel disenfranchised
          -- Single women and young adults disappointed by election results
          -- Gallup Poll: marital status played a major role in 2004 election
          -- Economy and health care are top concerns of unmarried women

          -- Marital status affects how women vote
          -- Commentary: a bachelor President?
          -- Why single women must vote
          -- Marriage gap bigger than the gender gap
          -- Sex and the single voter
          -- 22 million unmarried women who did not vote in 2000
          -- Unmarried women and their influence come election time
          -- Marital status made a difference in 2000
          -- National ad campaign targets unmarried voters in 2000
          -- AP story on 2000 national ad campaign
          -- National news coverage of national ad camapign
          -- 2000: ndependent presidential candidate issues statement to unmarried voters
          -- 2000: Bush and Gore won't say the "s" word
          -- 2000: Bush and Gore fumble when single woman asks debate question
          -- 2000: USA Today commentary says family values of candidates skips single voters