The Archives of Unmarried America

Workplace Issues
     -- BusinessWeek story on Unmarried America
     -- Fairness in workplace is major issue for unmarried Americans
    -- Corporate spotlight: best practices list
     -- Will work for one
     -- Friendly workplaces make labor day easier
     -- Marital status and workplace statistics
     -- Baby boon: how family-friendly America cheats the childless

     -- Public television interview on workplace bias
     -- Backlash: why single employees are angry
     -- But who watches out for singles?
     -- Singles in America demanding equality
     -- Being single in the workplace
     -- What is fair punishment for being single?
     -- Single workers: does your boss assume your job is your life?
     -- Employers can overlook single workers' needs

     -- More singles are meeting mates at work
     -- Staying single part of success of small business owners
     -- Judge is challenging couple-ism in Canadian workplace benefits plans
     -- Asking job applicants about marital status and children
     -- Married men make more money than single men
     -- Unmarried professors outside of the Ozzie and Harriet world of academe
     -- Married workers like shift work better than singles
     -- Unmarried workers balancing holidays and workdays
     -- Study shows that married men do earn more
     -- Hike in minimum wage would help low-income singles
     -- More fairness for singles in the workplace
     -- Singles hit hardest by job slump
     -- Single parents facing discrimination in the workplace
     -- Workplace: hotbed of passion?
     -- 1998 data: marital status and earnings for men
     -- 1998 data: marital status and earnings for women
     -- 2002: six Fortune 500 companies receive leadership awards
     -- Singular mistreatment in the academic world

     -- Workplace benefits should not hinge on marital status
     -- Trends: from traditional to partners to extended family to cafeteria plans
     -- Unmarried workers question pension plans
     -- Airlines differ on pension plans for employees flying solo
Smoothing the relocation process for employees
     -- Unmarried relatives don't qualify for some "family friendly" benefits plans
     -- Employers face backlash from childless
     -- Information on domestic partner benefits plans
     -- Information on extended family benefits plans
     -- What is wrong with excluding heterosexuals from domestic partner benefits?

     -- 50 sponsors introduce bill for partner benefits for federal employees
     -- Surprise: taxes due for domestic partner health benefits
     -- Survey: more U.S. firms offering partner benefits
     -- Domestic partner benefits gaining acceptance
     -- Domestic partners qualify for unemployment benefits in New York
     -- More employers offer home buying help as new benefit
     -- UC Regents approve retirement benefits for surviving domestic partners

     -- Give benefits to workers with "chosen" families

   Leave Policies
     -- Paid time off: absent with leave

   Work/Life Programs
     -- Single workers need work-life balance too
     -- Companies offering extended work-life programs