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Posted on December 21, 2005



Holidays don't have to stress you






Posted on December 19, 2005



Being single puts New Jersey's incoming governor in spotlight




Posted on December 12, 2005



Young and uninsured







Cornell study says people in
relationships are happier








Parents of single military members feel ignored by support systems






Posted on December 8, 2005




Black woman's quandary








Should schools teach abstinence-only sex education?








Established, older women tackling parenthood solo







Singles sound off on stigma







Religion: alone in the pews








Insurance needs when you're just starting out





Posted on November 21, 2005



Workplace dating is no longer taboo





Posted on November 14, 2005


American singles will spend
an average of $545 on gifts
this holiday season



Posted on November 10, 2005


Food retailers slow to acknowledge growing niche of one-person households





British newspaper reports that solo travel vacations can be fun





Professor says government should promote jobs and education more so than marriage





Singles surge into housing market continues



Posted on October 25, 2005

Single and satisfied: more Americans living solo





The unhealthy downside of marriage for black women





Posted on October 13, 2005


Data on marriage and births reflect the political divide



Posted on October 3, 2005



California singles must earn $12.50/hour to pay "bare bones" expenses





Posted on September 27, 2005



Houston developer targeting single women as home buyers





Posted on September 7, 2005



Effects of aging harder on singles without next of kin




Posted on August 18, 2005



Look who's handy now: single female home buyers









Solo living takes the lead in national household types






Posted on August 8, 2005



Unmarried say nation is on wrong track




Posted on August 5, 2005



Single living is the new way to find happiness







Half of American adults don't have a will






Posted on July 28, 2005




British authorities abolish "spinster"
and "bachelor" from marriage registries






Posted on July 27, 2005





Forbes Magazine picks top cities for singles







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