August 5, 2005


Unmarried say nation is on wrong track

A story released today by the Associated Press shows how various segments of the population differ on attitudes about President Bush and the nation's direction. The results are based on polling of 1,000 adults from Aug. 1-3 with a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, larger for subgroups.


Those most likely to approve of the job being done by the president were men, whites, evangelical Christians, Republicans, those who make more than $50,000 a year and investors.


Those most likely to say the country is on the wrong track are unmarried people, Democrats, independents, non-investors.


Likable Those most likely to say Bush is likable are those over 65, whites, Midwesterners, Southerners and married people.

Honest Those most likely to say Bush is honest are those over 65, Republicans and married people. Those least likely to feel Bush is honest are those living in urban areas, Democrats, independents and minorities.

Intelligent Those most likely to say Bush is intelligent were people over 65, those with a high school education or less, Midwesterners, Southerners, people who live in rural areas, evangelical Christians and married women.

Arrogant Those most likely to say Bush is arrogant were nonwhites, Democrats and independents and people living on the West Coast.